Mickey Mania

Mickey Mania, released in 1994, invited players to control Mickey Mouse as he visited various locations based on his past cartoons, ranging from his debut in Steamboat Willie to The Prince and the Pauper.

Mickey could attack enemies by either jumping on them or by using a limited supply of marbles, which were collected throughout the level. Mickey could take up to five hits, represented by the fingers he held up on his hand, which could be replenished by collecting stars, whilst extra lives could be gained by finding Mickey hats.

Levels offered a variety of challenges such as puzzles, escaping from a rampaging moose and fleeing from a flaming staircase.

Release date:

October 1994


SNES, Mega Drive, Sega CD, PlayStation®


© 1995 Sony Electronic Publishing Company. © 1994 The Walt Disney Company. Licensed by SEGA Enterprises, LTD.

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