The player assumes the role of the legendary knight Leander through three sprawling worlds, each composed of seven levels, to defeat the wizard Thanatos and rescue the princess Lucanna.

Leander collects coins throughout each level, with which he can purchase armour, potions and new swords in a shop which appears infrequently during the game. The ultimate aim of each level is to find a certain object named at the start of level (with instructions where to find it). When Leander finds it, he must find a portal which will lead him on to the next level. If he does not find the object, he cannot enter the portal.

Enemies encountered during the game range from dragons and elves to snakes and giant otters. At the end of each world, Leander faces a gargantuan boss, whom he must defeat to enter the next world.

Release date:

November 1991


Amiga, Atari ST, Mega Drive


© 1991 Travellers Tales. Published by Psygnosis limited.

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