Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex has developed a secret plan to finally get rid of his arch-nemesis, Crash Bandicoot. He discovers the resting place of the Elemental Powers and unleashes their destructive energies of earth, fire, air, and water on the helpless planet Earth.

Cortex will never get a break, so long as Crash Bandicoot is in town. Or maybe it should be the other way around? Either way, Cortex is always causing trouble, and Crash is always the subject of pain, danger, and heroism because of that. Join Crash and sister Coco as they romp through amazing lands and incredible exploits in their first-ever adventure on the PlayStation® 2!

The Bandicoot is back, with cooler vehicles, hotter moves, and mind-blowing graphics to face his toughest challenge yet, The Wrath of Cortex. It’s going to be just like the good old days, only better.

Release date:

November 2001


PlayStation® 2, Xbox, GameCube


© 2001 Universal Studios Inc. © Konami

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