A Skywalker Update

The countdown begins

A brand new decade. A brand new game. LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga is on the way!

Just before we enjoy a short break for the holidays the TT Games team have crafted a very brief teaser for you to enjoy. Check it out and prepare for LOADS more announcements and reveals in 2020.


Hi everyone my name is James McLoughlin and I am the game director for LEGO® Star Wars™ The Skywalker Saga. This is my first blog post of the project so, HELLO!. This project is a whopper and proves to be the most choc full Star Wars™ game ever attempted!

We have shown glimpses of the game at last year’s E3 conference to a lucky few and the response was incredible. We showed a small segment of ONE of the planets we are covering and few bits of in progress game play as well as a hub over world including a young Luke Skywalker heading out on a quest to help out a stranded GNK droid (“Gonko”) and escort him to his safe place. We also showed off the sheer scale of one of the gigantic LEGO® Star Destroyers and a few glimpses of characters the player will be able to play as. It was very humbling to see peoples responses to what we had created so far and we look forward to showing more.

In regards to showing more, I am sure you guys can understand that the team are very busy building the universe which contains ALL nine movies worth of content and planets. We only want to show you guys stuff once we are fully ready, this project is very close to everyone’s hearts and I am sure you understand that it needs to be absolutely AWESOME!

We hope you enjoy the little teaser the team have created for you and whilst it’s just a snippet expect to see much much more throughout 2020. We will be the only game available that features ALL nine movies in one place with the ability to travel to all of the planets featured within. From the deserts of Tattoine to the casinos of Cantonica, wading through the swamps of Dagobah and swinging through the tree tops of Kashyyyk we hope to provide the most encyclopaedic Star Wars™ game ever made. Personally I am very excited to share more stuff with you guys as there is nothing better for the team than to read you kind words as we are crafting this huge game.

Thanks for reading and watching the trailer and I look forward to speaking more about the game soon!

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