LEGO Worlds - The Great Big 2018 Blog Post

LEGO Worlds

The Great Big 2018 Blog Post


Since LEGO Worlds launched in March 2017 the TT Games team have been busy updating the game with features, fixes and LOADS of free content. Over 40 Brick Builds, over 25 characters, over 250 props and loads of vehicles. In fact, we recently updated the game with even more free stuff…


So, what other funky free things can you nab right and what else is on the horizon? Well…




In August we released four new Brick Builds to populate your cities with; a brand new Barber shop, a cosy Coffee place, a Hotel under construction and a super cool Arcade.




For the month of September you’ll be uncovering the mysteries of ancient Egypt with four unique Brick Builds; Cat Palace, Bazaar, Bath House and Temple.



Saddle up, strut into the sunset and paint the town red or another colour of your choice with five Brick Builds inspired by the Wild West; Broken Bridge, Built Bridge, Fort, Mine and Ironmongers.



NINJAGO returns in November with some of our most impressive Brick Builds yet. Construct the epic NINJAGO city and craft your own adventure with five new brilliant Brick Builds!



This one is super-secret for now but prepare for some builds that celebrates the life of LEGO Worlds!




There’s a lot of great free content to look forward to for the rest of 2018 and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it all. Be sure to boot up LEGO Worlds regularly to make sure you don’t miss a download.


Have fun!

- The TT Games Team