LEGO® Dimensions™ LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack & Wave 7.5 out now!

Wave 7.5 is out now! Experience the amazing LEGO Batman Movie in our new story pack, featuring Batgirl and Robin!


  • LEGO® Batman Movie Story Pack
    Defend the streets of Gotham in the all-new THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Story Pack, featuring Batgirl™ and Robin™! Play the complete movie and band together with Batgirl and Robin to fight off the Joker and his team of villains, in six all-new levels of Super Hero Fun! Build an all-new Bat-Computer gateway for your LEGO Toy Pad, and send the crime-fighting duo into the LEGO DIMENSIONS™ multiverse. Use Batgirl’s Batarang, glide and stealth abilities to reach areas with high security access. Use Robin’s agility and dive skills for sneak access. Transform Robin into the Nightwing, utilize his vine cut, and deflect moves for more crime-fighting adventures. Take flight into the night with the Batwing and rebuild it into The Black Thunder and Bat-Tank. Unlock THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Adventure World and Battle Arena for fun with your family and friends.

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